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Why Do I Make Art?

Initially, my art was a really fun hobby, something I did in my spare time. I used to flip through Pinterest and try to find an image I likes and recreate it so I could hang it on my wall. It was fun, it helped me to learn how to copy by looking and interpreting. I guess in a way it was like completing 'master studies' (although, I don't know if any of these painters were actually masters, but they created something I liked and that was enough). After my walls were full, I got bored.

I started to work off photos rather than others paintings. This was using reference, though I didn't know that at the time. Then one night I combined images to make a painting I wanted and put some of my own style into it. This was the birth of the technicolour reindeer. It is a painting I have in my home that really means a lot to me actually, I could never sell it. There was such an intrinsic reward in that piece, I had done something that I felt was truly mine and that piece would take me down a road of learning and growing so much more than I could have imagined.

At that moment, chasing that creation of my own, set me up for a whole world of drawing. I honestly don't think that after that day, the day where it all clicked and I felt that moment of 'mine-ness', I could give up art. A whole world of potential storytelling and unique pieces of art was something I just couldn't keep away from.

I love art, I love how it lets me express myself. I love that I can make something that only I have a viewpoint on. I love that it tells a story. I love that art makes me feel something, whether I'm consuming or making it. I just love art. I have to make it. It's like a life breath.



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