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Whatcha Reading?

I having been reading a few books lately. For art improvement, I've been really drilling down on the Illusion of Life. Though, I don't know if it's reflected in my work yet, I have been trying to take it to the next level in that arena.

For fiction, I've been trying to get through Marie Lu's Warcross series. I really loved the Legend series, and have been looking for something to compare. While no book has compared to June and Day's journey, I do enjoy Lu's writing and I am enjoying the Warcross series. I'm about halfway through the second book and I my try to finish it all over the holiday break. Her books are always a really fun read.

In terms of classics, I've found that a lot of them have been recorded and put online as podcasts as they are in the public domain. I've finished Treasure Island and I've been working on The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

The Sherlock Holmes stories are awesome, I absolutely love them! The stories always have a clue in the beginning for you to follow, but sometimes you pick up the wrong one and the ending can really surprise you! It's actually a ton of fun and very engaging.

I find reading to be more inspirational than writing because it gives you practice building things in your head and visualize so many aspects of a story and I love that.



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