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What Am I Learning? So... Many... Things.

Right now, I'm focusing really heavily on timing, lighting and colour theory, because I think those are the things that add drama and help a piece read more clearly. I think these are the most important aspects to getting a really clear and legible animation and these are areas where I need a lot of work.

The classes at have been super helpful. Most recently I took a class by Marco Bucci which introduced some new concepts that really hit home. He explained things in a way in which I had never really thought of before. I also really enjoyed the colour class by Will Terry.

Timing has been interesting too. A lot of the information I've gathered has been from watching Aaron Blaise's live streams and listening to the Bancroft Brothers Podcast. When people ask questions, or they talk about how they used to do their work at Disney, I found that there were snippets in there that I couldn't help but find take aways from.

I've been incorporating a lot about secondary animations into my newest works and increasing the frame levels to get the motion of the characters right. I'm just branching out from the simple 12/1 timeline I've been using for the simple animations I've done in the past to make the animations seem a bit more lifelike. Some of the theory behind the change in the work has come from thoughtful reflections based on "The Illusion of Life" Disney Animation book.

I've also been trying to push shapes and figures more than I have in the past. This is more practice than learning but its still an exploration that is yielding results. These things should come together over the next couple of months to produce some really neat and interesting snippets of video.

Outside of art, I am still learning to develop the website and get in the habit of posting content more often but with a reasonable amount of space in between. I'm hoping to show some of my progress as I work on my new big project. I think a lot of the habits I'm developing now will lead to ongoing improvement that I hope will yield really interesting results.



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