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Three Things About My Art

#1 - Its all a work in progress.

I change and grow, so does my art. It's natural to learn things you age. The same has to be true of art. I know that I engage in new things every day, so it makes sense to me that I engage with new mediums and new inspirations in my art life too. Growth leads to new discoveries and aspirations, and it's more of a journey than a final destination. Things will continue to change for me as I progress in life as a person and that will be reflected in my art. I don't think I could ever create the same thing all the time, because my experiences and techniques are always changing. I just hope to enjoy all the little victories and journeys along the way.

#2 - It's meant to be impactful and solemnly beautiful.

Okay... so this might be more accurately described as something I aspire to. I know I'm not there yet, but I hope to one day create art that gives people the same feeling I had when I saw the art of Lawren Harris or Zacherfinet for the first time. I just want it to be soft and beautiful and truly loved. Thats what drives me to create and I really hope to get there. I want my art to be something that my audience loves, and that I am proud of because its what I want my art to be.

#3 - Its imaginative.

I've gone from creating master studies and recreating other artists work to blazing my own path. I hope that my stories seem as imaginative to you all as they do to me. I want my work to be refreshing and soft and really beautiful. I've got some work to do, but I'm willing to put in the time and the effort to make things amazing.



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