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I do art primarily as a hobby with the future hope of having it as a proper side hustle (in what capacity I don't know, but you know... goals). It's difficult to squeeze in time each day, while working a full time job, to get a side hustle gig off the ground. One thing that has been a non-negotiable for me, is sleep. More broadly, rest in general.

I need sleep for health reasons, but sleep is also necessary to function at work, and to carry me through to my evening tasks.

There's a lot of work at my day job that needs accomplishing, but arguably, there's just as much doing animations. If I don't get at least eight hours a night, I can't even function to get all the projects done I'm working on. I'm at my best when I'm fully rested.

Sleep and rest for me, go hand-in-hand as things that are necessary for creativity to flow. Part of being able to rest for me has been to engage in at least a little bit of exercise daily (a hike with the dogs or a paddle on the lake) lets me breathe a little easier and sleep much more restfully at night. Having a good sleep is instrumental in keeping my mind and body healthy.



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