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To be fair, art is my main outlet. It's my greatest and most important outlet actually. It is the thing I do in my spare time. Creating art for me can be a form of quiet meditation, especially in the rendering stage after all of the harder laying out work has been completed. It's also always nice to dig out some paint and mould shapes onto canvas.

I think it allows space for free-thinking without getting too caught up in the thought processes.

Some of my other favourite outlets are sewing (!) and crochet. I usually don't crochet unless there's a project that I really want to dig into. I have been sewing more regularly and actually made a huge portion of my fall wardrobe. (I might add a 'me-made' section to this website now that I think about it).

As far as physical exercise and outlets, like I've said before, I love a good hike or a paddle on a lake. I especially like hiking in the winter months. I don't have to worry about snakes or bears and the frost glittering on the grass or the snow collecting and weighing down evergreen branches is really beautiful. Paddling in the summer offers the same kind of beauty and wonder, it gives me a different perspective on the world from on top of the water that I can bring back and incorporate into my art.



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