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Notice Me, Noticing TV

I love TV, not as much as other things in life. I can't watch TV for hours and I often refuse to turn it on before 7 pm for down time, but I do really love TV when I do watch it.

My husband likes to watch me watching TV. I'm a very emotional watcher. Maybe storytellers are also emotional consumers (anyone else out there like this). I take particular joy in watching time travel shows (Doctor Who, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Timeless), clean comedies (The Big Bang Theory), classic TV and film (right now its the Holiday season rotation, but we are no stranger to themed movie nights in general) and of course the guilty pleasure TV (Selling Sunset... Season 4 in, like, a week!).

Doctor Who has always been a major inspiration for me. The stories are nice capsulized but have wonderful arcs that I really love too. Theres always something new or different, or a re-hash of a new storyline based on how time progresses (or alternatively doesn't progress) in the show. Timeless tends to be similar to Doctor Who this way. Legends tends to be a bit more linearly progressive, which makes it an awesome binge-able show.

I also like my comedy pretty clean, I find a lot of dirty comedy to be distasteful which ruins the enjoyment for me. Situational and physical comedy I enjoy a lot. I grew up watching The Three Stooges and more recently (until the show ended) The Big Bang Theory.

I'm also a huge fan of themed movie nights. It's enjoyable to watch and eat food from the cultures we are fortunate enough to be able to experience. Right now, we are going through our holiday season kick off. We go through a lot of the holiday classics and I personally enjoy the odd hallmark channel-esque ones too.

Towards the end of the month, I'll engage in my guilty pleasure TV which is Selling Sunset. It's a great show, I don't like having drama in my life but its fun to watch it (whether real or fake) play out on the screen. It gives me my drama fix for the year!

Are you an emotional TV watcher? Do you have themed movie nights? What are you watching?



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