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Journalling High Fives & Gratitude

As I mentioned before, I'm not much for journalling. Regardless of my personal relationship with journalling, I've found journalling about art and my art journey has actually been really wonderful. It's been nice to take a pause and reflect on how it's all been.

I'm incredibly grateful for the journey that led me here, because it's been interesting and I've enjoyed it. It's nice to reflect on how far I've come since I started this journey two years ago. I'm also grateful for the tools that got me to where I am. I know that I'm incredibly privileged to have gone from regular art supplies to digital ones. I'm excited to see how things go moving forward.

I'm also really grateful for the positive community that surrounds me and my art on this journey. I'm grateful for them creating a safe space for me to share and grow.

Also, high-fives to everyone who also decided to also decided to participate in this challenge even when it is not formally running (and to myself for participating!).

Grateful, honestly, for this whole journey and I can't wait to see what's next.



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