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Humour... Or Not?

I absolutely love the consumption of humour. Personally, I love a good pun, the odd parody song and a really dry delivery. While I love jokes when its the 'right' kind of joke, I also find it difficult to process jokes I don't really understand.

I think my love of puns comes from childhood. My favourite show was Darkwing Duck, and that show is just full of puns. My favourite was a day we were perusing the Costco looking for tomato sauce. We made it to the end of the condiments aisle and I turned to my husband and said "I think we... pasta (passed the)... sauce." We both cracked up laughing. I'll just say I feel a real kinship with Dwayne Johnson's character in Jungle Cruise.

My husband and I always take popular songs or classics and turn them into parodies. I never even hope to achieve the level of Weird Al, but we quite enjoy them at home.

I also love a good dry delivery, most often found on British TV. It's the most enjoyable watching experience for me. The shows aren't necessarily meant to be funny, but most of the shows still offer the occasional joke and trademark dry delivery.



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