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Having empathy is an extremely important aspect to making art. A shared human experience can connect you with your audience and make you relatable. I don't necessarily think that this is something I've accomplished, but I'm going to try to share more about my process and hopefully that will help reach my people. I've definitely watched others accomplish this, and I myself have felt a connection to people I don't know based on shared ideologies or shared experiences.

This is probably why lifestyle comics are so popular and those that are the most relatable reach a large audience. Without empathy, these kinds of bonds to artistic work wouldn't be attainable. Without empathy and understanding for the person making the comic, the community around the comic wouldn't be popular, and possibly my simply cease to exist.

The ability to put yourself in someones shoes and really listen/understand their point of view is essential to creating a good story and an enjoyable character. This echoes a lot of what we see in literature. Authors provide well established characters we can relate to... whether that be that the character inspires, or the characters offers you someone to aspire to be, someone who makes you laugh, or someone you just feel 'gets' you and how you feel.

I also think that empathy can be dangerous to the individual. I think that having empathy can result in my taking on too much of the world around me. That kind of constant hum of empathy, can make me feel a little emotionally drained. I think it's important to recognize, relate and understand others journeys and experiences. I also think it's important to not take those issues on as your own. This is easier said than done, and I often find myself carrying too much weight.

I think, much like extrinsic rewards, extrinsic empathy can be both wonderful and dangerous. I try to stay true to myself, and follow my own path. I try not to put blinders on, but instead focus on boundaries. If something is too much for me, its fair to say that I've taken on too much and I need a break. A break is sometimes necessary and deserved when practicing empathy.



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