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#ArtSoundOff2021 - Blog 1 - Introduction/Notebooks

Hey! This is an introductory post and it will be pretty short and sweet and probably more than a little awkward (you're welcome). My name is Sarah and I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I was born and lived in the maritimes for most of my life before moving here in 2015.

I am an avid hiker, stand-up paddle boarder, dedicated fur mama, wife, writer and, of course, an artist.

It's almost my two year art-iversary and since I've developed my skills and progressed forward I've decided I want to pursue telling my stories through thoughtful words and meaningfully animated moments. I have two self-published novels through Lulu (though I'm not entirely sure they are still purchasable) and I've always had an idea for another, but putting it out there never felt quite like the right medium. So I did some exploring and decided. Maybe this is a topic I'll explore again later on.

Since one of the first prompts of art sound off is to talk about what notebooks I like/use, I'll share my current writing tools.

- Everyday thought journal: Spiral bound Fringe 192 page notebook.

- Daily agenda: used for logging hours/tasks/to do lists

- Just picked up some Carnet fabric bound notebooks for writing stories in

Side note and hot tip: I always use Bic RoundStics to write with because they are the least hurtful for my carpal tunnel. Just the 'write' (pun intended) size!

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